Lost in Paradise with Yunjin Kim

Tag: Film & TV

Korean American Actress - Yunjin KimAtop Mulholland Drive on a clear Los Angeles day, Korean American actress, Yunjin Kim, is enjoying a much-needed rest. Her role as Sun-Hwa Kwon on ABC's Lost lasted for six adventurous seasons, finally ending last year in 2010. Although Yunjin is eager to see what's next in line for her career, she appreciates all that Lost has done for her and what it meant to all of the show's fans.

Laos: Soaking up the New Year

Tag: Travel

Asian American Travel - LaosDespite being a country with a population of over four million, Laos remains unknown to many. Located below China, in between Thailand and Vietnam and right above Cambodia, the serene and majestic landscape is reflected in the tranquility of the culture and people. However, between April 13th and 15th, when Laotians celebrate their New Year, also known as "bee mai," everything changes.

13 Beauty Mantras for Summer

Asian American Beauty Tips - Summer GuideIf you have an especially difficult time with your beauty regimen during the summertime, here are 13 quick tips to help you coast through the hottest months of the year.

Along with a season change, I recommend that you adjust the color and texture of your foundation accordingly. Warm-weather foundations tend to have sheerer textures and are often deeper in tone, while lighter shades offering heavier coverage are often preferred in cold-weather months.

Chloe Dao: From Runway Vision to Running Success

Tag: Fashion

Asian American Fashion - Chloe Dao Chloe Dao, the Season Two Winner of Project Runway, is down to earth both on and off the show. Simple. Heartfelt. And open. A Vietnamese born in Pakse, Laos, Chloe moved to America when she was eight. Two years later, this youngster saw her first episode of “Style with Elsa Klensch” on CNN. Chloe knew then what she knows now fashion design is everything she is and desires.

From the side of the street, right outside of her boutique, Lot 8, (referenced to the eight girls in her family) Chloe talked about the experiences.

Mango Cheesecake

Tag: Cuisine

13 Minutes Cuisine - Mango Cheesecake Dessert RecipeEver wanted to impress a dinner party with a rich and creamy dessert that was also refreshing? Try out this recipe for Mango Cheesecake, which was contributed by pastry chef, Surbhi Sahni, of Dévi (New York, NY). She is acclaimed for bringing a unique perspective to modern Indian cuisine.


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